The Mr. PA Football Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that supports positive youth development. 

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Sunday, September 8

Hershey Italian Lodge • 1-8 PM

$45 per ticket • $25 per student

Sponsors, please make checks payable to the "Mr. PA Football Foundation" and send to 6244 Spring Knoll Dr., Harrisburg, PA 17111.  Thank you for sponsoring the Mr. PA Football Foundation.

About Us



The Mr. PA Football Foundation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization which was created to provide funding for a broad range of youth and high school sports. The organization supports the development of youth through participation in sports, encouraging sportsmanship, health and safety, character education, and academic excellence.



The programs supported by the organization will provide youth participants with safe and accessible places to play, as well as programs and initiatives that address the importance of proper coaching, health, safety and wellness, academic and life skills development and character education programs. 



Teaching the student-athletes good sportsmanship by playing with integrity and maintaining self-control. Also, learning to respect the officials, coaches, and instilling how to be a good teammate. 



Provide the opportunity to learn, get physically fit, and stay involved in productive after-school activities with adult mentors. Provide a great opportunity for kids to build self-esteem and learn the essentials of playing a game.

Health and Safety:


The organization is committed to protecting the health and safety of youth athletes in all sports. Stress building a better, safer environment through coaching education, health and safety initiatives, equipment grants and changing the way sports is played at the youth and high school levels. 

Character Education:


We are dedicated to teaching youth through positive role models and with our mentoring sessions. Assist in building character, confidence, and motivation in youth through Christian values, families, and schools.   

Athletic Advancement:


Support programs that help Pennsylvania youth attain NCAA and academic eligibility and opportunities for scholarships and grants.

Academic Excellence:


Stressing the importance of academic achievement and preparedness. Also, helping student-athletes achieve academic success by providing opportunities for tutoring and test prep. Furthermore, teaching the importance of completing homework and school attendance.   


Grants and Funding

Additional Information

Our grant programs will provide funding for neighborhood-based youth organizations and high school programs. Financial assistance will be available for youth, high school, and college camps and clinics as well as funding for financial need based families for participation in sports. Equipment grants for all sports will be accessible to the community. Funding will also encompass improving the quality, safety, accessibility of local fields, and there will be a focus placed upon upgrading existing facilities that are in poor condition.

Applying for Grants:

The grant programs are open to youth organizations, high schools, and student-athletes. There will be requirements for grant applications involving individual student-athletes for camps, clinics, and financial assistance for sports participation. The details will be listed on the grant application. Requirements for youth organizations and high schools will also be listed on the grant applications.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Mr. PA Football


Presented by, and held following the season, the Annual Mr PA Football high school awards celebrate the achievements of the Finalists in a grueling competition of online voting for the Small School Mr. Pennsylvania, (Class 1A-3A players), and the Big School Mr. Pennsylvania, (Class 4A-6A players). 

Mr. & Miss PA Basketball


Presented by, and held following the season, the Annual Mr and Miss PA Basketball high school awards celebrate the  achievements of the five male and female finalists in a grueling competition of online voting for the Mr. PA Basketballl Award (Class 1A-6A players), and the Miss PA Basketballl Award (Class 1A-6A players).

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6244 Spring Knoll Drive, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111, United States

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